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Redfield Area Development Corporation House Project

Construction started in October of 2019 on a ranch style home in the Prairie Winds Development

  • 5 bedroom 3 bath new build

  • located in Redfield, SD

  • 1570 sq ft on the main floor

  • finished basement

  • attached 3 stall garage

  • laundry room

  • Lot size: roughly 125x150

  • Incentives: Eligible for the Redfield City discretionary tax formula

Available Lots

Northville, SD

Located on SD HWY 20 & Park St.

1 Lot

  • Lot size: 3.97A

Redfield, SD​-Prairie Winds Development

Located south of Redfield Lake-Lake Shore Drive & 12th Ave

Lot 1

  • Lot size: 125x150

Lots 6,7

  • Lot size: 140x120

Lots 8 (corner lot)

  • Lot size: roughly 192x178

Lots 9-11

  • Lot size: 116x150

Lots 14-16, 18, 19

  • Lot size:113x141

Lots 35-42

  • Lost size: 97x159

Redfield, SD​-RADC First Addition​

Located on 5th St. W. & 2nd Ave. W

Lots 1-5

  • Lot size: 100x138

For other housing opportunities please contact a local realtor

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