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2024 Annual Membership Tiers

Bronze: $100-499


  • Grow Spink Website Business Listing: Your business/community will be listed on our investor page

  • Quarterly Electronic Newsletter: We will send organizational updates straight to your email 

  • Grant Writting Assistance: Let us assist you with your project research & funding applications

  • Business Workshop Early Access: You will be provided with the first opportunity to register for our business workshops.

  • Workforce Recruitment Program Access: Use the Spink County Recruitment Programas an incentive to hire full-time employees (learn more)

Silver: $500-$999


  • All Bronze Benefits

  • Annual Business Spotlight on the Grow Spink Facebook Page: We will showcase your business in a detailed spotlight on social media

  • Grow Spink Facebook Page Advertising: We will peridodically share your business/community happenings.

  • One Free Business Workshop Ticket: We will pay one registration fee for one our business workshops 

  • Transfer of Property: Communities will be able to partner with us for property transactions

Gold: $1,000+


  • All Bronze and Silver Benefits

  • Grow Spink Website Subpage: Your business/community subpage on our website will be updated once per quarter

  • Spec Home Build Location Opportunity: Your community will be considered for a spec home location

  • Annual Board Meeting Invitation

  • Considered for a Regular/Annual Board Meeting location: Your business/community will be considered fora regular or annual board meeting location

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